In appreciation of Kenny McFadden 

Kia Ora, Talofa lava, Faakalofa lahi atu, Malo e lelei, Kia Orana, Bula Vinaka, Maudi, Kam Mauri, Talofa ni, and Greetings

You said your name was “Kenny”. And you spoke right out. You spoke of life. Lord, you talked of life. That was more than 20 years ago sharing your gift of storytelling and insights to bruised hearts and communities. And you brought the essence of “Streetball” from Detroit, Michigan to “Streetball Porirua!

You were in your element hanging out with our communities from Waitangirua, Cannons Creek, Titahi Bay, Takapuwahia, Ascot Park, Ranui Heights, to Wainui, Stokes Valley, Naenae, Taita, and Avalon through to Miramar, Seatoun, Newtown and your beloved Strathmore.



Your final talk of life was in November 2021. We were back in a room of a community hall in Porirua. There were about 30 people. I recall several coming to thank you. A sense of hope and motivation was inspired. And you quietly went on your way…

You’re an artist. A lover of people. A dreamer. A weaver. Gifted in the world. Colourful and funny. Equity embodies the soul. It is the substance of things hoped for. Off things unseen. Equity does not seek for recognition. It seeks the interest of others, and esteem better than oneself. Kenny, you lived and breathed this. We have found you to be true! A virtual reality, with no filter.




 The community know!     The neighbours know!     The young and old know!     The streets know!     The little child knows!     Our people know!     We know!


We thank you, brother, for sharing those moments of your most excellent game of life. We give thanks to God. Go well. Soifua, Manuia Lau Malaga.

“If you aim for the moon and miss. You get to hang out with the stars!”

Kenny McFadden