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Wishing everyone a wonderful and safe Christmas with loved ones.

The Trust will be closed over the Christmas holidays from Monday 23 December 2019 and will reopen Monday 6 January 2020. Messages can be left on 0800 345 345 and will be checked throughout the break.

For emergency services dial 111 for Police, Fire and Ambulance.

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Student Placement

5 Things I have learned about Taeaomanino Trust (“TT”) in
Porirua, New Zealand


It’s been seven weeks since I bid farewell to my home in Ohio, United States and
moved across the world to Wellington to complete my fieldwork experience here at
Taeaomanino Trust (TT). I’ve learned a lot about this beautiful organisation in
Porirua and the community that it serves.

1. TT is a safe and welcoming environment. I felt very welcomed and comfortable with the
team from my first day to the last!
2. They very much value respect for everyone that comes to the service. There is respect for
everyone’s differences and values.
3. They were very flexible with my placement schedule, allowing me to do many field
observations while also getting to explore the Wellington area during my time here.
4. Everyone who works at TT has a genuine love for the people and community that they
serve, they make it known that every person there is cared for.
5. They utilize models of care from a cultural perspective and emphasize the inclusion of
Pacific and Maori cultural values in their work.


The above narrative is written by Anna, who was our very first international student placement. We are extremely pleased to have had the opportunity to share our work with her.





The Tuiga Project

Empowerment and Well-being

The Tuiga, a Samoan adornment that plays a significant role with the Fa’aSamoa.

The Samoan mothers’ group known as the Taeaoafua Taeaoumaua with the support of Taeaomanino Trust, celebrated with members of the community and their families the completion of the Tuiga project.

The women made two Tuiga’s each, the traditional design represents who they are, their families, and where they are from in Samoa. The Tuiga is a ceremonial headdress significant to the Samoan Culture and highly relevant to Samoan women’s lives.

The completion of the Tuiga project asserts innovation, evolves empowerment and well-being for the group and for other women of the Samoan communities.  The mother’s group has delved straight to start their next project aiming to show case in October.

Watch this Space!




 RED Program 

“Become the change you want to see in the world.” – Gandhi

Last month, we delivered the RED program over a period of 5 weeks. The purpose of the program is to provide people with the opportunity to restore themselves to a safe place, empower themselves to rebuild and to defend their loved ones to fortify stronger relationships. We are extremely proud of our participants.

Taeaomanino would like to acknowledge the Department of Corrections, in Porirua and Wellington for their awesome support. Lastly, a huge thank you to all our Guests speakers who made themselves available to deliver their powerful, emotional and inspirational ‘personal experiences’ to our audience.





Taeaomanino Trust Promo video

Over the past few months we have partnered with Igknight Studios who have created a meaningful and powerful piece of work for us. A huge thank you again to everyone at Igknight , please see our video below.