Are you still open at level 2?

Definitely, all our services can continue operating under level 2 restrictions.

What are your opening hours?

Our office is open Monday-Friday from 8:30am-5:00pm. We are not open on public holidays.

Who is Taeaomanino Trust?
We are a non-government agency that provides social and mental health services as well as counselling support to Pacific families and people in the Porirua and greater Wellington Region. A service that also operates in Manawatu, Wairarapa and Hutt Valley.

How do I refer myself or somebody else to your service?

  • Ring 0800 345 345
  • or 04 237 6062
  • or email us
  • or complete the form on the contact page of this website

What services do you offer?
Refer to the Services page on this website.

Is there a cost?
All our services are FREE.

Is there a limit to the support I can receive from the trust?

  • Taeaomanino Trust provides a wraparound service and you may need to access more than one service depending on the need of the individual/family.
  • The service is dependent on the issue and situation.

How can I be assured that my information will remain confidential?
Taeaomanino Trust staff are bound by the Privacy Act and every employee MUST sign a Code of Conduct agreement which guarantees your confidentiality.

Can you do home visits?
It depends on the services required.

Can you a do home visits after hours?
It is not recommended but in case of an emergency, this can be negotiated with the Manager.

What makes Taeaomanino Trust different to other organisations?
Taeaomanino Trust is a Pacific organisation which recognises cultural values common among all Pacific people.

Taeaomanino Trust offers a variety of services within the one organisation.

Do you only work with families in Porirua?
The majority of Taeaomanino Trust services cover the Porirua area which is from Pukerua Bay to Linden. However, Homebased, Family Violence, and Infant Child Adolescent Mental Health Services cover the greater Wellington area and the Whanau Ora service covers Manawatu, Wairarapa, Greater Wellington and Hutt Valley areas.

How will Taeaomanino Trust help my family?
Taeaomanino Trust will work with you and your family to develop a plan to work towards making changes and sustaining changes which will strengthen you and your family.

Our motto is Strong Families, Stronger Future

I don’t want my family to know I am seeking support, can I use your service without my family knowing?
This depends on your age. For certain ages the organisation is required to have parental consent. Taeaomanino Trust may encourage you to talk with your family.

Who needs to know that I am accessing your services?
Services are confidential unless there is the risk of potential harm to staff or others. Taeaomanino Trust must act accordingly.