Whanau Resilience is the journey of long-term healing and wellbeing that an individual and/or their fanau/whanau will navigate with the support of communities or agencies when the fanau/whanau most need it. No one journey is ever the same. Providers of fanau/whanau services must be agile and skilled to work an approach that is meaningful, targeted, useful and needed by the fanau/whanau and/or individual.

Whanau Resilience is delivered as a wrap-around service for Taeaomanino Trust. Services users who are engaged with others services might also need the support of Whanau Resilience team.

There are two areas for further exploration and delivery in the Taeaomanino Trust Whanau Resilience services:

Therapeutic / Va (Samoa, Tokelau, Tonga) / Wa (Maori, Japanese) / Te katoki aoraki (Kiribati) – This is our healing an reconnection space

Safety – of self, of fanau/whanau, of spaces, in the community


This service is open to all families who have experienced challenges of personal and fanau safety.



Delivered to those who reside in the greater Wellington region which includes Wairarapa and south Manawatu.