Taeaomanino Trust (TT) is a Pacific social service and health provider based in Porirua.

We are a non-government organisation that provides social and mental health services as well as counselling support to Pacific families and people mainly in the Porirua and greater Wellington Region. A service that also operates in Manawatu, Wairarapa and Hutt Valley. You can visit the trust by ringing or going in, or you might be referred by the schools or courts.

Our Vision

Pacific peoples realising their potential with courage and optimism.

Our Mission

To develop and provide quality leadership and knowledge that enables high levels of health, social and economic well-being to be the expected experience of all Pacific peoples.


The principles that are important to us are:

  • Celebration of ourselves as Pacific – we embrace and celebrate the learnings, experiences and knowledge that comes from our cultures. These are an integral part of our organisational approach to serving all people.
  • Integrity and reliability – having a reputation as a credible and well-functioning Pacific organisation is important to us. It is important for the credibility of Pacific organisations therefore we acknowledge the importance of being accountable for our actions.
  • Collaboration and inclusiveness – we recognise that we will need to have strong strategic relationships in order to be successful, as we cannot achieve our mission on our own. This acknowledges that while our top priority is Pacific people, we will strive to be as inclusive of others as possible.

Evidence-based innovation – we want to be able to clearly demonstrate our effectiveness and the differences we are making, it is important that we have the evidence available to support this.

If you need support you can free phone us on 0800 345 345 or our head office 04 237 6062. Alternatively you can email us via our Contact page.