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Family Start Program

Taeaomanino Trust believes that all children have the right to have the best possible start in life.  However, we are aware that our children grow up in sometimes challenging environments.  The Family Start programme supports families/whanau who are struggling with challenges or problems that put health, education and social outcomes for their children at risk.  Participation by families/whanau in the programme is voluntary.


About the Service

What to expect on the programme?
Your child will be at the centre of the Family Start programme with the support of a trained Social Worker working alongside families towards identified goals for both child and family.

Who can get help?
Families where they find the following areas challenging and this is making
parenting harder, Family Start may be able to help :

  • Mental health

  • Alcohol or drug addictions

  • May have experienced some trauma in the past

  • Experiencing relationship difficulties with a partner or family member

  • Understanding your child’s developmental and health needs

  • Young parent who may need additional support

  • Concerns around you or your child’s safety

If you require further information please contact (04) 237 6062

Ministry of Social Development website: follow link here

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