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Whanau Ora

Whanau Ora is a government funded initiative that is a culturally specific philosophy and approach to strengthening the well-being and future of Pacific families.


About the Service

Taeaomanino is funded through Pasifika Futures which is the funding agency appointed by Te Puni Kokiri.

Whanau Ora is a family centered approach which recognise the best solutions to family challenges come from Pacific families themselves. Pacific families are supported to achieve their aspirations in education, training, economic development, health, participating in the community, developing cultural capital, strengthening identity and family development.

When we talk about Pacific families we refer to any collective of individuals of Pacific ancestry sharing long term responsibility for their own welfare and well-being.

The relationship between these individuals will normally be based on kinship and or cohabitation.

Whanau Ora Domains

Lifelong Learning through education, training and skills development.  This focuses on improving educational outcomes for Pacific learners at all levels with a view to enabling family members to secure employment or become entrepreneurs.

Living longer living better, improving well-being and encouraging independence and health literacy. Families are encouraged and guided as to stay well and to manage their health issues in a way that works for them.

Living financial free, supporting and navigating families towards having less debt, higher incomes and financial literacy and encouraging savings that will see families become financially secure and safe.

Leadership Culture and Community, safe living environment, cultural capital and collective identity.  Families are supported to develop safe, health and violence-free living environments.  We encourage families to take on leadership at all levels and for them to work together for their mutual benefit.


  • Families who register for Whanau Ora must meet all of the following:

  • MAST assessment applied to registered families which covers all four domains

  • Weighted score must be 40+

  • Identify as Pacific


Family Plan and Funding Allocation
Once families are registered onto the programme, family plans are developed with families which shows aspirational goals and steps to reach goals within a time frame.  Plans are driven by the families with the support of our staff.

For each family registered on the Whanau Ora programme, there is an allocation of incentivised funds that are tagged to families to assist with achieving goals.  Before funding allocation is used, the family with the initial support of the staff member will access all other government and NGO support services.

All families registered on Whanau Ora will be asked to complete a budget
(income/expenditure) and a plan for the future is developed.
NB: at no time will funds be handed directly to families.

Coverage area is greater Wellington region which includes south Wairarapa, Manawatu and Whanganui.

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