Taeaomanino Trust believes that all children have a right to access education and positive learning.

The aim of the Social Work programme is to enhance life outcomes for children whose social and family circumstances place at risk their chances of achieving good education, social and health outcomes.

Our Social Worker works with the following schools:

  • Windley School –  www.windley.school.nz
  • Cannons Creek School – www.cannonscreek.school.nz
  • Glenview School – glenviewschoolporirua.blogspot.co.nz

Our Social Workers will work alongside children and their families by exploring and assessing families current strengths and identify ways that will enhance their child’s academic learning and their ability to socialise with others and manage challenging behaviours.

Referrals are accepted through a variety of ways:

  • From Self-Referrals
  • Referral from child’s school
  • Referrals from community or government agencies

Must have a child enrolled in the above schools

If you would like to know more information please contact (04) 237 6062

Ministry of Social Development website:  follow link here